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Non-Surgical Rehabilitation of Whiplash and Other Musculoskeletal Injuries Suffered During an Automobile Accident

Auto Accident Rehabilitation in Carthage, TXAuto Accident Chiropractor in Carthage, TX: Andries Chiropractic is a top rated auto injury treatment center in Texas. Dr. Martin Andriews combines traditional chiropractic adjustments and treatments with rehabilitation exercises, spinal decompression, myofasical release, and more to produce effective results.

Millions of auto accidents occur in the United States each and every year. Out of those accidents, roughly 1/6 result in whiplash injuries to the neck. Many people are unaware that the symptoms of an auto accident injury will often be delayed. If left untreated, these injuries can lead to very serious ailments and can result in a lifetime of problems and pain.

Conditions Resulting From an Auto or Work Accident Should Be Seen:

  • Neck Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Tingling or Numbness
  • Pain in the Limbs
  • Loss of Range of Motion
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Trouble Walking

It is critical that chiropractic and rehabilitative care is sought immediately after a work or car accident. Allowing the effects of whiplash or other musculoskeletal injuries to go untreated can induce long-term pain. The severity of the physical effects of a work or car accident are not always felt immediately following. It can take days, weeks or even months for major symptoms to show up, which is why chiropractic care is essential to maintaining the health of a spine that has been through a trauma.

Whiplash is a unique condition that requires the expertise of a skilled health professional specially trained to work with these types of injuries. The most effective treatment for whiplash injuries is a combination of chiropractic care, rehabilitation of the soft tissues and taking care of yourself at home.

Working with Auto Insurance

Andries Chiropractic works with many types of insurance. Our office can counsel you on how to file a personal injury claim or you can review our insurance information page for more details.

Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is mandatory for nearly all auto insurance policies. With PIP coverage in place, you and all the passengers in the car are insured regardless of who is at fault for an accident (typically up to $15,000). It also covers you if you are a pedestrian or a cyclist. PIP insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages. It will also pay for your care of injuries, including costs and co-pays for chiropractic care, out-of-pocket prescription costs or other similar costs.

Auto Accident & Work Injury Rehabilitation is Often Covered by
Insurance and Requires No Out-of-Pocket Expense
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